Budget Traveling: Buying the Flight

Hello again! I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus since work has been busy. However, I am excited to say that later this month I am going to be traveling back to Europe for the first time since I studied abroad!

I am super excited and can’t wait to be traveling overseas once again- it’s also been the first time i will have taken a week long vacation since I began working. Our travels will be as follows: Florence, Cinque Terre, and Rome, and we really just plan on eating the whole time that we are there.

While I will be posting a lot after the trip, for now I will leave you all some tips on how to travel efficiently on a budget.

Today I want to talk about buying plane tickets. You’d be surprised how cheap you can fly to Europe with just a little research and luck. Below are three of my favorite ways to search for flight deals for my next trip. (Note: I am recommending these sites on my own- no paid endorsements here!)

Google Flights

I begin all of my flight searches at flights.google.com. Google compiles flights from almost every airline to find the best deal on the dates that you want to travel. You can select specific airlines you want to travel on, the airline alliance you want to travel on, if you what nonstop travel or a layover, if you want to leave early arrive late basically anything that you would like to personalize about a flight route.

However, the best part of Google flights is when you click flexible dates. This is my favorite because it helps you find the cheapest route to travel in your desire travel dates with her that’s in Asia Europe or even just in your own backyard.

Another cool option is to be flexible about the destination when looking at flights in a specific date range. By sending your destination is anywhere Google will find a flight deals for you. For example your results might include an $800 round-trip ticket to London, but a $400 round trip ticket to Frankfurt during the same dates.

All in all, google flights is the best first stop shop, and a great way to stay on top of the ebbs and flows of airline ticket prices. The one downside, however, is that it doesn’t have all details for flights on Southwest. Instead, Google flights redirects you to the Southwest website to see the price and make your final purchase.

Scott’s Cheap Flights 

My friend and I were able to get amazing flight deals on this website called Scott’s Cheap Flights. (So that you’re aware, I’m not endorsing Scott’s cheap flights officially, just passing along info to help you find flights within your budget). With Scott’s Cheap Flights you simply enter your email, and get flight deal sent directly to your inbox. You can set your preferences to only receive flights in the region that you live in. For me, as I am live in Washington DC, I typically recieve deals out of Baltimore, Dulles, and Reagan National Airport. However, I also get deals out of JFK, Newark, Philadelphia and Boston (where my Rome bound flight is out of).

The generic service is free, however you can pay for the premium subscription, which gives you many, many more flight emails- it a good way! You also get the flight deals 30 minutes before anyone else does that doesn’t pay and 30 minutes to make a huge difference if there’s only a few amount of flight deals going around. I highly recommend the premium subscription, as that’s how we got our deal: East Coast to Rome, round trip, for only $347!!

Secret Flying 

When I’m on the hunt for specific flight deals to a specific location, I spend a lot of time on secretflying.com. This website has almost every flight deal if it ever happens, from the stick figures to airline sales to just really good deals on business or first class travel on unpopular travel dates.

On the website you can look at flight deals departing from different continents or you can just view all of them. Like Scott’s cheap flights secret flying also sends out emails on their flight deals. However since it’s best to purchase these tickets as soon as possible it’s better to go onto the website where it rather than waiting for an email to land in your inbox.

As you can see, there are a bunch of different ways to find a budget friendly way to get to your bucket list destination.

Do you have any favorite travel sites for finding great deals?


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