Earth Day

Happy Earth day all!

This Earth day, I’m reminiscing about the beautiful beaches of Menorca. This small island off the coast of Spain was the backdrop for a perfect weeklong camping trip when I studied abroad.

From secluded beaches with reefs perfect for snorkeling to trails overlooking deep blue water and grassy knolls; from packed white sand beaches with the clearest water I’ve ever seen, to rocky beaches with cliffs perfect for jumping; and from covering our skin with sand for mud baths and to hiking up and down hills to chase the perfect sunset- Menorca had it all.


Every Earth Day, I’m reminded how crucial it is to preserve and protect our planet so that our children can view these beautiful beaches, climb beautiful, green mountains, and allow beautiful, unique species to live in their habitats.

So this Earth Day, are you thinking about beaches or forests, meadows or mountains?


This photo is part of the Daily Post weekly photo challenge.


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  1. Happy belated Earth Day! It’s hard to pick a favorite between all the gorgeous landscapes we are privileged to have on this planet. Hopefully that will be true for future generations.

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