Dense: Barcelona from Above

I’ve spent the last week pouring through my memories, trying to find the perfect photo to match this week’s photo challenge. I missed the previous week’s photo challenge, and, if I’m being honest, I’ve had massive writers block for the past few months.

It may be because I haven’t travelled outside of the U.S. in years. Or maybe because my work-life balance has been a little unbalanced. Or maybe because it’s because my life has been a little bit “dense” recently. Murky, opaque, and crowded.

My calendar filled to the brim with scheduled events in my professional and personal life, my weekends without structure for need of sleep. My new healthy meal plan turning into microwave dinners for lunch. My friends, well many of whom I haven’t spoken to in weeks. And my beautiful new planner that was supposed to help me lead that perfect life? Covered in dust.

Even my vacation plans have been lost in the muddle, with stress and anxiety over which place I visit at which time using how many vacation days and how much of my savings… It’s all a little overwhelming.

I remember a similar feeling when studying abroad. I only had 6 months to visit every place in Europe, and I put so much effort into planning weekend trips. I made sure that every single minute was planned to the tee so that I wouldn’t miss out on any small adventure or experience. And yet, in doing so, I missed the entire point of the Spanish culture- to just sit back and enjoy the company of those you are with.

So to this week’s photo challenge, I choose a picture of a dense city, from the perspective of the Catedral de Barcelona. A signal of peace and safety, overlooking the busy city and a slight glimpse of the sea.

A reminder to take a step back, see things from a different perspective, and take things day by day. Because even when life is busy, it’s important to make every day count. xx


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