New York Minute

In my 2017 New Years Resolution to travel more, I took a short weekend trip to the fabulous New York City! This time around, my friend and I were able to find an awesome hotel deal, so we were able to stay in TriBeCa in a nice hotel, rather than crashing on our friends couches/floors.

Per usual, we spent most of our trip eating our way through New York, starting our morning with warm, fresh bagels and fluffy cream cheese, and ending with classic slices of pizza. Below are our stops throughout the city, and some beautiful shots of New York along the way.


Bagels Galore

For our two different mornings, we tried two different bagel shops- one in SoHo called Baz Bagel, and the other, Bagels by the Square in the West Village. The first place I got a sesame bagel with cucumber and dill cream cheese, which was absolutely delicious! The second place I went for a slice of tomato with vegetable cream cheese, on a sesame bagel of course. The tomato added just the bit of freshness, I miss it already! I wish I lived near a bagel shop in DC!

Bathtub Gin

Tucked away behind a functioning coffee shop is a small speakeasy specializing in delicious gin drinks. Since the bar is very particular about reservations, we found a spot at the bar in front of the bow-tied bartenders. The menu featured many signature cocktails, as well as some new twists on old favorites. My friend and I split three different drinks: the Bathtub Tonic, Tanqueray & Tomb’s Tonic, and Gin Gin Cup (my favorite).

Pro tip: If the tables near the bathtub aren’t crowded, you can also take a seat on the edge and catch a “table” without a reservation.


Our primary goal of our trip was to try cookie dough from the famous new cookie dough shop in Greenwich! So on Sunday morning, we stood in the frigid cold and endured high teen weather and gusts of wind to get inside.

Our hands hurt, our noses dripped, and our spirits became quite low.
However an hour and a half later, victory was ours and it was our turn to go inside. Catchy pop tunes, including Justin Beiber, played in the background and bright polka dots covered the walls. We then picked up a menu and were forced to choose our flavors. After much debate, I settled on 3 flavors and 2 treats:

  • Cake Batter: cake batter + white chips + chocolate chips + sprinkles
  • Signature Chocolate Chip: signature + chocolate chips
  • Brownie Batter: brownie batter + chocolate chips

  • Brookie (brownie with cookie dough)

  • Lucky charms cookie (cake batter dough with lucky charms marshmallows)

Some other places we stopped by in New York included By Chloe, a vegan chain restaurant, where I got a vegan burger and “mac and cheese” and some classic New York pizza.

Monte’s Trattoria

To finish off our time in New York, we searched near Washington Square Park to find a delicious Italian restaurant. We found a basement family style restaurant called Monte’s Trattoria, which has been open since the beginning of the 20th century! The wait staff was so polite and helped us pick our dinner. We shared eggplant stuffed with ricotta, and I had classic spaghetti and meatballs while my friend got buttery, garlic gnocchi.

The dinner was the perfect ending to our delicious weekend in New York. I can’t wait for my next trip!


Where was your last memorable meal?


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