5 Final Tips to Pack for Study Abroad

It’s January, which means that many college juniors find themselves ready to embark on a whirlwind adventure. Whether you’re packing for 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months or a year, here are some tips to help you pack for your new life!

1. Pack all medications you’ll need for your stay

This includes any over the counter medications that you fancy. While I found that some over the counter Spanish brands worked better than those in the U.S., I did miss my allergy medication abroad. Helpful sites

2. Bring extra copies of any important documents

Nobody wants to be stuck somewhere after being pick-pocketed or simply losing an important document. Always keep an extra printed copy, as well as a digital copy. It’s also helpful to keep a driver’s license, library card, or additional form of ID separate from your passport to prove your identity if needed.

3. One outfit you absolutely love

Think about that one picture-perfect moment in that picture-perfect city. If you have a favorite outfr from home, bring it with you. Even if it’s large or doesn’t fit, you can’t be on the other side of the world without that outfit!

Here is one of my favorite skirts! I paired it with different tights, shoes, travel bags, jackets, headbands, necklaces, tops, and lipsticks every time. From sunny Barcelona to foggy London, it served me well!

4. Pack a momento from home

It can be a photo of family, a stuffed animal, or even a favorite blanket. You will get homesick abroad. No matter how long or short you’re away, no matter how far away you are from home, homesickness will hit you at some point. So pack a momento to keep you happy.

5. Sort everything into three piles: Yes, No and Maybe

This will help you decide what you actually want to bring with you. After you’ve sorted everything a first time, sort everything again and pack only what stays in your yes pile. You’re going to have to leave something behind. But that means you can also…..

BONUS: Leave some extra space!!!

Because you’ll need space for the extra clothes, souvenirs, and momentos from abroad. (Or pack an empty duffel bag you can check in on your trip back!)

Want a full list? Click here to find out what I brought abroad 🙂




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  1. kandriot1 says:

    This post is Awesome and so thoughtful! Thank you so much for posting! It is great advice!


    1. Victoria says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Packing is always a tough task, but it helps to have something to start with 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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