Christmas in New York

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

From Elf to Eloise at Christmas to Miracle on 34th St. to Home Alone, New York has been home to some of the most magical Christmas stories and movies. Every year I watched anxiously as Buddy saved Christmas by helping Santa in Central Park and have dreamed of skating in Rockefeller Plaza under a gorgeous tree.

And while I didn’t make it to New York for Christmas this year (I opted for the White House Christmas tour instead), I did make it last year and tok some beautiful pictures I never got the change to share. Enjoy!

Rockefeller Plaza

Christmas in New York would not be complete without visiting the beautiful Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Plaza. The site of hundreds of movies, where Buddy the Elf skated and nearly every New York Christmas kiss takes place, the huge tree stood above the small ice ring below. My experience was complete with an engagement, but unfortunately, the line for ice skating was much too long and the price to skate was much too high for my “New York in $150 budget.” I’ll just have to skate next year!


Times Square and the Avenues

Although Times Square is traditionally crowded, Christmas brought an extra bustle and some extra light displays on the walk down.

Central Park and Wolman Rink

If you are looking to ice skate in New York this Christmas, definitely visit Wolman Rink set just barely in Central Park. The large rink sits low in the park, with towering buildings of the Upper East Side in the distance.


Union Square Holiday Market

Packed with people, this little square turned into a European style open market with little shops adorned with local gifts and delicious savory foods and sweets filling the open air.

Window Displays

I never understood the love of Christmas window displays until I walked down 5th Avenue with some of the most elaborate and expensive jewelry and fashion displays in the world. People huddled around the displays, watching mannequins move in synch with shimmering glitter. The trip ended at the beautiful Plaza Hotel, where I was able to sneak a few glances inside the historic building!

And of course, what is a trip to New York without a trip to Macy’s! #iconic

St. Mark’s Cathedral

Complete with a nativity scene, Christmas carolers, and red bows and garland adoring the church, this beautiful cathedral was alive with the true spirit of Christmas.

Empire State Building

Who could forget the place where Buddy’s dad worked, and where Buddy found himself of the building’s naughty list. While I didn’t make it up to the top of this beauty, I did get to step inside!

Around the City

I’ll leave you with these last few shots of the city, which was perfectly decorated with trees and lights all over. Thanks for stopping by!




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