Local: Plaça de la Virreina

One of my favorite study abroad tips to other individuals is to stay local. Venture outside of your group of American friends from your study abroad group, and start a conversation in a new language and be off on your way.

In this edition of staying local, I’ve decided to reflect at my days spent at Plaça de la Virreina.

Tucked in the center of the beautiful neighborhood of Gracia, Plaça de la Virreina is home to lively a lively, slightlighy competitive, bar scene, summer concerts at night, and the playground for children and parents alike.

This is the plaza where I made my neighborhood friends, where I journaled about my homesicknesses and my desire to see more of the world, and where I just sat, drank, and enjoyed my new life abroad.

When the days were long, we opted to relax with cold beers, and on those summer nights, we strolled through the small, family bars, each with a different theme, different twist on a gin and tonic, but with the same friendly personalities.
These local spots are the gems that I miss most about my time in Barcelona, and the number one reason I encourage everyone to step outside of the tourist bubble and get to the real, local city that you are visiting.

Where will you experience local living?


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  1. Great advice I would give myself (and have!) I don’t even go to any touristy part of Barcelona when I go there.


    1. Victoria says:

      There is so much more to Barcelona than the tourist locations! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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