H20: Font Magica

One of my favorite late night spots during summer in Barcelona was Font Magica. Set with a beautiful backdrop of the Palau Nacional, now housing the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), this water and light show spectacular drew tourists and locals alike to their late night showings. Playing music from popular movies and TV shows, to pop hits, and even some classical scores thrown in there, this light show found a way to dance into everyone’s hearts.

I remember one particular night, I sat on the steps- wine in one hand, a bocadillo in the other- watching the colors change as the night got colder. We sat, talking and laughing over my broken Spanish and his horrible English, bonding over our struggles to learn a new language.

Children frolicked in the mist of the water. Their parents stood in the background, laughing and talking, among crowds of other first dates like ourselves. Street performers danced on the side lines, and others distracted oblivious tourists with shiny lights and flowers while their counterparts tried to pickpocket the Americans in the crowd.

Once the show was over, the water shrunk to it’s small burbling fountains and the lights illuminated the four towers, standing in solidarity in front of the massive palace. We departed the beautiful old building and walked by the old bullring across from the light show to begin our trek to Placa Catalunya for our night bus stops.

It was a quiet end to the short but sweet night in one of the in one of the most magical cities in the world.


This post is a part of the Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge. 


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