Simba Sees Barcelona

For those of you who don’t know, Simba, my precious stuffed animal, is my favorite travel buddy. From changing Simba’s diapers, to carrying Simba around to see the National Parks, Simba has seen it all. So here’s a fun account of my time with Simba in beautiful Barcelona. Enjoy!

Hello there! Benviguts a Barcelona!

Parc Güell
Unfortunately, the park was only free after 9:30 PM on the warm summer day that I took Simba around, so the only pictures we got were in the dark. Regardless, I loved visiting my favorite place in Barcelona once more before saying adeu to the city one more time…


Here Simba got to meet Gaudi’s dragon and he made a new friend that’s cool.

La Sagrada Familia

Of course I had to stop inside this masterpiece before going home. The ceiling of the church was lit up with the morning sun, making the stained glass windows as gorgeous as ever. On this trip, I skipped the audio guide and simply sat in the church to take in the beautiful. It was quite the peaceful trip.

Catedral de Barcelona

It only seemed appropriate to stop by the cathedral on my last day in Barcelona, as it was the first thing we saw out of the window of our hotel room on the first night. I still can’t believe it’s been six months and that my time here is nearly over.

El Born

I love Born so much and wish I had more time to wander these streets. In this picture in particular, this is where the Cheetah Girls strutted for their song “Strut” in the second movie. So of course I had to take a picture here.

Strut like you mean it!

Las Ramblas y UB

It only seemed fitting to stop by my university since I spent so much time here, as well as Ramblas because well, I guess its just what Barcelona is famous for. And despite all the tourists, it actually is a really really petty street too!

Adeu from Barcelona!

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