Keeping it Local: Sweet Eats in New York City

The Bagel Store, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Ah, the famous rainbow bagels. This cute IMG_8454
little bagel shop has been transformed into an insta worthy tourist trip to the cute neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Be sure to arrive early, because the wait will be at least 30 minutes, with the line wrapped in, around, and out the door for these Dr. Seuss treats.

While the rainbow bagel is a denser than your ordinary bagel, the well-crafted smears make your bagel trip worthwhile. I sampled the funfetti cream cheese, which is sweet, but not too sweet for a breakfast on the go.

The Bagel Store is also famous for their “cragles” or croissant bagels, which I must try the next time around. You can see the bright and beautiful bagels in the featured picture, and the bonus Fourth of July themed bagel on the right as well!


Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Craving some chocolate chili gelato? Or perhaps some cheese curd gelato?

IMG_9950Well Il Laboratorio del Gelato is the place for you! This little gelato factory in the Lower East Side produces some of the freshest and mostunique flavors in town.

From lemon basil to vanilla chocolate chip to fig, fresh brown turkey, the flavors rotate based on what’s in season. So take your taste buds on a wild ride and try something unique outisde of your comfort zone. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Bonus: Be sure to take advantage of your two sample bites before ordering your next favorite ice cream flavor!


Black Tap


Even with two locations, this burger joint features a 2 – 3 hour standard wait time, making these milkshakes are hard to come by. But, alas, if you wait with friends and come prepared to have the best, sweetest milkshake of your life, then Black Tap is for you.IMG_3796

With about a dozen flavors to choose from, you can be magically transported to a peanut buttery wonderland (on the left) or a chocolate river comparable to that of Willy Wonka’s.

And don’t discount their burgers either! I got the classic and it was, as the waitress serving us 90s music promised, one of the best all-American burgers I’ve ever had. Bon appetite!

Where are some of your favorite sweet eats in New York City?


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  1. Everything looks so good! 😍👅


    1. Victoria says:

      Thank you! They were all delicious 🙂


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