10 Necessities for your Summer Backpacking Trip

Are you embarking on a life-changing trip to Europe this summer? Perhaps you’ve bought a one way ticket to a random country and are waiting to see where it’ll lead you. Either way, here are some tips to help you plan and pack light for your next big trip!

1. A sturdy pair of shoes: Whether Birkenstocks or Nike’s are your poison, you will need a solid pair of shoes for the more adventurous parts of your backpacking trip. And trust me, after wearing these shoes in for multiple days of walking, you’ll want to make a good investment. Your feet, your back, and your knees will thank you.

2. A light scarf: These bad boys can serve as a blanket, a pillow, or a fashion accessory to make your outfit last an extra day. A scarf is your best friend on a plane ride, and in those areas where the temperature seems to change dramatically throughout the day.  And, when you visit holy sites, your scarf can easily cover up those shoulders.

3. A jean or solid black jacket: or a light jacket of sorts. Because even though it is summer, it does get cold, especially in the north. Don’t be the one that’s freezing and has to buy an expensive jacket to stay warm.


4. Shower shoes and a small towel: Because you never know how bad those hostels will be. And after a long day of travel, you will want to shower.

5. Solid cotton shirts: Cotton, cotton, cotton. Always go for cotton. It breathes in the hot summer sun and will be nice and cozy on cold nights. Aim for solid colors to build a closet of staples that can be mixed, matched, and accessorized. Bonus points for the black shirt because it’s impossible to get stain 🙂

6. A journal: To document your travels and to quell future bits of nostalgia. You’ll absolutely treasure your journal when you return home.

7. Portable charger: Because you’ll use your phone for everything abroad- camera, map, restaurant recommendations… and the last thing you’ll want is to be stranded somewhere with no battery or way home!


8. A good pair of sunglasses: In the winter months, your coat will be in nearly every picture. In the summer? It’ll be those sunglasses. Pair your new stylish glasses with a nice case so you won’t have to look through scratches to see the wonders of the world.

9. Cross-body purse: With double zippers to keep your belongings safe. Trust me, almost everyone will get pick-pocketed while abroad. Don’t let it be you!

10. Copies of every important document (passport, ID, medical insurance): Because if you do get pick-pocketed, your life will be 100% easier if you have copies of your most important documents. Plus, it’s also better to be safe than sorry.

Now go off and travel, enjoy, and drink that sangria.

What recommendations do you have for anyone traveling this summer?



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  1. Really good tips! Bookmarking this for when I go travelling in a week eeek so excited 🙂 Followed you on instagram btw!


    1. Victoria says:

      Thanks for following and stopping by 🙂


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