Tips to Save Up for Travel

Let’s face it, traveling for a long amount of time can be expensive. Of course you can WWOOF it for a while, volunteer at a hostel to live somewhere for free, or find some odd jobs to make ends meet, but it’s always best to start travel with a little bit of savings so you can fully enjoy your experience.

Keep a dream jar

Mine sits on my dresser at home (in California) and is a mason jar filled with coins, dollar bills, and euros. Whenever I go home. I deposit more and more money. This money is literally untouchable by me (as I live across the country), and at any given time I have no idea how much is in that jar.

So one day, when I do decide to move abroad or take an extended travel break, I’ll have some nice spending money to get me a month’s rent or the plane ticket to the place I’m moving too. And I’ll even be able to splurge some delicious meals as well…

~Set a budget~

I know, it seems so simple, but setting a budget can make a huge difference in how much you spend. Make an excel sheet, download an app that tracks your spending, or hoard every single receipt you have.

Adjust it when necessary, add some splurge money for when your favorite artist comes to town or when you need to take a day trip, and be realistic about how much money you can spend a month. And voila! You have a working budget.

Whatever you do, stick with it! All of that saving and tracking will pay off, I promise!

Sign up for a credit card with reward points

Most cards will start you off with a large chunk of bonus miles- perfect for a nice trip abroad for two!

But don’t just sign up for the rewards points (unless you wish to have 30 different cards). Find a card that fits with the airline you wish to travel with, so when it comes time to buy that ticket abroad, you can use the points you earned from signing up, or with the points you’ve earned using your fancy new card. That leaves more money for rent, food, and adventures!

Some good blogs I’ve used to navigate these cards are:

That being said, always be sure to pay your bill on time.


Blogging helps me stay focused towards my goal of moving abroad. Whenever I think that it’s too impossible, that I won’t have enough money, or that my health will never get better so I can move abroad, I blog and I read other travel blogs.

I learn about new places that I wish to explore, about new foods and restaurants that my taste buds must experience, and new adventures waiting to grace my memories.

I see others living out their passions and traveling the world.

I reflect on my own study abroad experience and realize that it is possible. I mean, I already moved 5 hours away from home… what’s 6 hours more?

What steps will you take as you save up for your next summer trip?


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  1. I agree with the idea of putting money away in a jar; as long as you don’t give in and count it too soon, it’s always a wonderful surprise when you see how much all those pennies mount up. I saved UK £2 pieces in a piggy-bank (in the shape of Eeyore – we were saving for a trip to Florida); we all guessed we’d got to about £300 ……but it amounted to almost £900! That was a big chunk of money towards the trip!


    1. Victoria says:

      That’s awesome! It makes me want to check out my jar and see how much I have saved 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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