Earth: Among Giants 

Every time I visit Muir Woods, I feel like a tiny speck in the wonder of our world. The immense trees that blend into the sky remind me that were not alone in this world- that homes are not just four walls, but can be a million trees, protecting you from the sun, and giving you a cozy Forrest floor to explore.

With trees reaching towards the heaven, and light, glisteningEdit through branches and green evergreen leaves… I am in love with Nature. I am in love with Mother Earth. 

If there’s any words to describe the magic of Muir Woods, I would say that these trees transport you into a fairytale world- a Disney movie. Where deer and birds should sing and true love is found.

Around every turn I felt like there would be fairies and magical creatures to take us through the mountains and forrests, through the hills to the beaches, and up steep terrains to breathtaking views of the Bay….

And so this Friday, I dedicate my post to you, Muir Woods, with giant sequoias and spectacular views aplenty. 


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  1. Looks pretty cool!


    1. Victoria says:

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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