5 Telltale Signs You Studied Abroad

…Some days your heart will hurt and you will reminisce with special memories dancing around your head….

  1. Every weekend, you crave something new.

Oh you want to go to the park this weekend? How about Paris? Or Peru? Maybe Pennsylvania? When you only have a short semester to fit in visits to a new continent, every weekend becomes an opportunity to discover a new city, or province, or country. And you sure as hell take advantage of every little opportunity. Adventure is out there, and you just can’t wait to explore.

  1. Sometimes you just leave your phone behind and unplug.

Remember those days that you left the house with your crappy $10 vodafone brick (it wasn’t even cool enough to be a flip-phone) and didn’t have to worry about anyone calling you? It was just you and the world at your feet, unbound by commitment or having to engage in some meaningless text conversation. You didn’t snapchat every event, but you lived in the moment, without technology… well except for those few moments that you just had to gram to remember all the fun you had.


  1. You have a savings account just for travel.

That little coin jar you kept in your study abroad room? Now it’s an inspirational travel jar by your bedside, and a fancy adult savings account. You pass up the daily Starbucks drink, putting those three dollars instead into your travel fund- your lifeblood, your dreams, your future life when you’re living abroad again and savoring tapas in Sevilla, instead of Starbucks in the subway…

  1. All your purses have 10 zippered compartments… and you never put anything in your back pocket again.

You may have made it through 6 months abroad without being pick-pocketed, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get pick-pocketed in the states! Or maybe you did get pick-pocketed abroad and have a mini panic attack when you accidentally put your phone in your back pocket- the horror!

  1. You aren’t afraid of goodbyes.

They still hurt, and you still miss the people and places that you lived, but you’ve learned that each new day leads to new adventures. And you have to keep looking forward to these adventures, and not live in the past. You must say goodbye, and let go in order to move somewhere new. But of course, some days your heart will hurt and you will reminisce with special memories dancing around your head.



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