Spring Cleaning

The weather is warming up, the cherry blossoms have bloomed, and rainy showers sprinkle on tulips opening towards the weekly sun. In other words, it’s officially spring.

I love spring.

I love running amongst flowers and feeling the grass between my toes.

I love longer days and warmer nights, and sitting on stoops and balconies, and rooftops and park benches with good food and good company.

I love the feeling of rebirth, of starting fresh, of becoming someone new, just like the green leaves on the tree outside my window.

And as someone who loves adventure, spring time is the perfect opportunity to go outdoors, to take a weekend trip. To seize the day and make it count.

To stop procrastinating or putting my happiness to the side, and choosing instead to live a clean life for myself. To clean out the drama and the gossip, toxic friends and bad relationships, and even the old nagging feeling of regret or self-doubt.

So each spring, I come up with “New Spring Resolutions” in which I make promises to myself to live this better life. Because, to be honest, it’s always around spring when I realize that my New Years Resolutions fall a little short (especially when it comes to exercising). So the resolutions are as follows:

  1. Once a day I will do something that scares me.
  2. Once a day I will do something just for me- for my own happiness. No exceptions.
  3. Once a month, I will travel to a new city, or explore a new neighborhood of a city I know.
  4. Once a month, I will treat myself to an indulgent meal.
  5. Once a month, I will go shopping and buy one thing that makes me feel good- no matter how “out-of-style” it may be.
  6. Once a week, I will run. The fresh air will do me good.
  7. And finally, once a week, I will contact an old friend and start a new conversation.

Here’s to spring!


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