Seasons: Winter Wonderland


 Beautiful white flurries fall from the sky, kissing the noses of happy dogs and youthful children.

A sled for the children, and a coat for your pup, as the city awakens and becomes anew.

The natural hum of the city has vanished, replaced with the whistling winter wind, and the soft delicate crunch of feet sinking in the fresh snow.


Is there anything more beautiful than fresh powder, drooping on tree branches and lingering in evergreen forests?

Or the new delicate glisten of brick houses turned to gingerbread houses in the winter spirit?

Cookies and cocoa and coffee for friends and neighbors alike.

A white whirly wonderland of fairy-tales and daydreams, glistening under a shy shimmering sum.

Bringing blankets of wool and white, to cover you and the world at night.

Snowzilla brought a beautiful transformation to Washington, D.C. As a southern California native, I never truly had the experience of living in the snow- weekend trips to Big Bear and snowboarding in Tahoe apparently don’t count as living in the snow.

But for two days, the wind howled and our tiny row home became blanketed in over two feet of snow. For a week, the city halted, paralyzed by the snow. Streets remained unplowed and children enjoyed days off from school.

But for me, Snowzilla was more than just a welcome to the glory of the four seasons that actually exist outside of California. The weekend we were trapped inside opened a new season of life for me.

Cut off from seeing a guy that I was dating, I realized that I really didn’t like him all that much. I just liked the attention.

With my cozy pajamas and many cups of tea, I tore through books and rediscovered my love of writing.


And at midnight when my housemates and I braved the blizzard to ski down one of the streets in our neighborhood, I realized that despite the fact that I don’t have a huge number of friends in D.C., the ones that I have are pretty darn awesome.

So here’s to new seasons in life, to four seasons in life, and to making every day count!


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