Circle: Il Colosseo

It was past midnight as my friend and and I walked back to our hostel in Rome. The Colosseum was lit up in the background and as we strolled along the cobblestone street, we took the time to think of the history this architectural masterpiece had witnessed.
A structure thousands of years old, perched in a city that had risen and fallen. First welcoming Romans and doomed foreign visitors that witnessed the structure from below, this notable tourist attraction now hosts visitors from all over the world.
  As part of my new year’s resolution to be less of a perfectionist, I’ve decided to post some of these older Daily Post photo challenges, well my favorites at least. When I first thought of circles, I thought of Gaudi, or the curvature of his artwork and the whimsical nature of Parc Güell in my beautiful Barcelona.

However, the more I thought about circles, the more I realized that Rome and Italy were full of curved masterpieces. The Colosseum, Duomo, St. Peter’s Basilica, traffic circles, pasta dishes, cobblestone streets… the country lives and breathes circles.

Which brought me to the Colosseum. Where lions lived and Lizzie McGuire gave a performance of lifetime with Paulo and Isabella on her middle school graduation trip. Where I would ride past in a Vespa after eating one of my favorite meals, and where I threw up a Fight On! as the member of the USC Trojan family.

For my friends who studied abroad in Rome, the Colosseum was overrated and touristy. However, some things are famous for a reason. Because once I saw this beautiful structure in person, I couldn’t help but marvel at its grandiose structure.

To think that this building could survive so many years, through conquests, and still stand to touch our lives is unbelievable. Of course people would fly from across the globe to stand in its presence.

See, sometimes, places are tourist traps for a reason. Both because they are spectacular and because you can relate your own experiences, the movies you’ve seen or books that you’ve read about it, to your own personal adventure to tour the structure.

So go ahead and marvel at the overrated marvels, and take that selfie in front of that well-recognized structure. Because it’s been a part of your journey and it deserves the attention.




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