La Alhambra 

 Nestled in the hills of Granada, this beautiful palace and sturdy fortress has hosted Sultans and Kings since the 12th century.With arabesques around every window and hallway, this beautiful building was the most intricate piece of architecture I have ever laid my eyes on.

The words, “Allah is the only victor” are inscribed along the walls, above tiled patterns of green, blue, orange and black under honeycomb ceilings.For anyone traveling through the South of Spain, and hoping to marvel at a true man-made wonder if the world, La Alhambra is the place to eat your heart out.


 Bonus: you can watch the sunset from Mirador de San Miguel and watch the sun illuminate the walls of the fortress.


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  1. Mirador de San Nicolas is one of the best sunsets of the world, watching it set over the Alhambra.


    1. vkrivas says:

      Definitely! We went back because we loved it so much. Thanks for stopping by!

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