An Ode to Architecture: The Eiffel Tower

I went back to the Eiffel Tower so that I could go up it and then see it sparkle at night… By the time I got to the first floor, they were moving everyone down because it was crazy windy and a storm was coming in…By the time I was down, it was pouring, gusty, and thunder was roaring the distance.

But then the most beautiful, miraculous, breathtaking thing of my life happened- a FULL rainbow appeared stretching across the sky. Moments later, this rainbow turned into a DOUBLE RAINBOW. It was literally like something out of the movies- something you never expect to see or experience in person. It was one of those times were I was like, woah. I’m here. In Europe. In Paris. Studying abroad. this is real life.

I put my umbrella down, ran around in the rain a little bit and couldn’t stop smiling at this beautiful double rainbow before me. Everyone, even the pick-pocketers, the people working at the little kiosks, people driving their cars, stopped to take pictures and soak in this magnificent moment. The man who took my photo said, “Un foto irrepetible” and that is so so true. I lucked out so so much with this extra trip back to the Eiffel Tower and even now as I’m writing about it, I’m still smiling. It is definitely a sight I never want to forget.


The Effiel Tower is definitely worth the hype. It stands out from the classic Parisian architecture and adds a modern flare to the city of love and romance. To be honest, I have so many different pictures of this incredible structure that I could post about it for days. But alas, here are my favorites.





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  1. helenanglin says:

    That is an awesome photo! Sounds like a magical moment 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Those pictures are amazing! You’re so lucky to have seen such an awesome piece of architecture.


    1. vkrivas says:

      Thank you!


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