Grid: Barcelona

Here is my late entry to the Daily Post’s photo grid challenge.

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Barcelona immensely. With colorful balanconies and beautiful people, how could I not? Even when the buildings were stuck close together with small, vespa-lined ally ways below, the city was still beautiful.

I’m of the opinion that buildings in America should retain some of that old charm. Sure there aren’t elevators and lugging groceries up five flights of stairs can suck sometimes, but there’s nothing like looking out a beautiful window like the one below.

This photo in particular was taken at my last residence in Barcelona when I overstayed the lease in my original piso off of Plaça Joanic. I then made the trek to the other side of the barri de Gràcia to this walk up off of Carrer Gran de Gràcia between Avinguda Diagonal and the Fontana metro stop.

This beautiful little apartment was home to an Argentine woman who decorated the tiled floored apartment with beautiful plants, artwork, photographs, and old books- making it one of my favorite places ever. There was a small tv in the corner, but the center piece of the apartment lied at the dinner table in the kitchen, where we would cook together and reflect about our long summer days.

It was a short walk from Plaça del Sol, where on Friday and Saturday nights, you could hear folk Catalan bands play while sipping on some cold Estrella Damns or Mortiz cervezas. In the opposite direction, you could stroll down Passeig de Gràcia to see La Pedrera and my favorite Gaudí house, Casa Batlló. You could run to Parc Güell from here or visit the wealthier neighborhood of Sarrià. And if you really wanted you could go on a run to the beach. The possibilities were endless and the experience unreal.

Te trobo de faltar, pis de Barcelona ❤


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