A New City, A New You…

It’s strange moving to a brand new city. Everything is different, everyone is new, and every action is exciting. There are restaurants to eat at, tourist places to visit and locals to become your best friend.

Accomplishing small tasks, such as finding the grocery store or the pharmacy, successfully navigating public transportation correctly, or trying to find a safe new running route, become adventures- some of which have fairytale endings and others have you walking an fifteen minutes carrying a bag of oranges and two bottles of wine because you thought you knew your way home (but didn’t) and were too stubborn to check Google maps to realize you were a little off.


But even through the trials and tribulations of living somewhere new, setting foot in that new apartment is one of the best feelings ever. It’s a blank page of a new chapter that will be filled with memories and priceless moments of individual growth that will carry with you for a lifetime.

I crave the feeling of being somewhere new and feeling a little bit apprehensive discovering a new city on my own, with just my journal and camera in hand. In fact, since studying abroad and traveling/living on my own, my new pastimes have become people watching while I eat meals or walk the streets and monuments.

It’s so fascinating to think that every person walking by has a life, a job, a family, a purpose… I like to think about the way that each and every person is impacting the world. Where do they work? What do they do? Are they some sort of top person in their field that I just don’t know about because we value entertainment celebrities more that political/economic/academic ones? Do they live on their own, with their family, or with a cool bunch of roommates like in Friends?


So here’s my challenge to you: if you have an opportunity to move somewhere new, experience a different life and different culture, do it. From Southern California to the Bay Area to Barcelona and now Washington, DC, I feel like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all of the amazing places the world has to offer.

Sure, moving might be scary, but it’s also exciting- an adventure. It’s a fresh start, and to be honest, a lot of people really don’t get that in life. So take grab life by the reigns, pack your boxes and go explore!


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  1. hermitsdoor says:

    25+ years ago, I too settled across the Potomac (Alexandria) from Washington, D.C. It still has many discoveries, from monuments to museums to entertainment venues. Enjoy your exploring.


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