Sunsets are my favorite part of the day. It’s a transition between the working day and the relaxing night. And the sky turns into the most beautiful colors immaginable.

Coming from Southern California, sunsets at the beach always meant bonfires and putting on oversized sweatshirts while handing out with friends. When I studied at Berkeley, sunsets meant watching the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge, turning the sky, the fog, and the bay the most beautiful shades of orange, pink, and purple while watching the twinkling lights dance upon sky scrapers. If you can’t tell already, I miss my Northern California home and while I was abroad I searched high and low to find sunsets that could ever compare. And while nothing compares to seeing a sunset from the Berkeley hills, these other locations provided some almost as breathtaking sunsets.

Rome, Italy



Brussels, Belgium


Granada, Spain



Barcelona, Spain:

For Barcelona, I’ve given two locations. The first is from Los Bunquers, high above the city in the hills. The second being Parc Guell, as I ended most of my runs here at sunset.



San Sebastian, Spain:

My journey to San Sebastian with a sickness that ended up being the stomach flu was rough. BUT, this sunset over the seas definitely made up for it.


Vienna, Austria


  Paris, France:

Complete with a double rainbow on the side, of course.

   Ronda, Spain

Berkeley, California:

This one was taken from the Berkeley Marina, where you can watch a sunset and see the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco.


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