Why Traveling Solo as a Female Isn’t the Scariest Thing in the World


A couple nights ago, I had a friend come to me with a dilemma:

She had a free ticket to Europe for two and a half months through her uncle’s expiring airlines miles. She wouldn’t be in school, wouldn’t start her job for six months and basically has nothing to do in between her graduating early and entering the real world. The problem? She would have no one to travel with…. was constantly being told by friends and family that it would be terribly dangerous for her to travel alone as a female.

While it is a bit scary to go out into the world alone, I’m a huge advocate for solo-traveling. You get to explore a new place on your own terms: see what you want to see, eat what you want to eat, and meet who you want to meet. So, for those of you who do decide to travel solo, I have some tips for your travels!

1. Tell family and friends where you’re traveling and be sure to check in with them to tell them you’ve arrived. This way, if anything does happen, someone will know that you’re in trouble.

2. Travel with confidence. Pick-pocketers always look for those who look weary or out of place, so if you walk with confidence, you’re less of a target.

3. Get to know people in your hostel, your CouchSurfing host, your airbnb host, and any other travelers you meet so that way you don’t have to be lonely. Just because you travel alone does not mean you have to be lonely the whole time.


4. Meet the locals! This is advice I give to anyone who decides to travel, but it’s espeially important when you travel on your own and they can let you know the more dangerous parts of the city. BUT,  they’ll let you know some awesome, less touristy areas that can really make your traveling worth the while.

5. Like with any traveling, there will be some bumps along the road and you may get lost on your trips. When you’re traveling solo, though, you won’t have the support system of your friends around you to laugh through the awkward times, but you still have your hostel friends.

6. Carry a journal. You’ll want to look back and remember all your memories and personal growth. But ALSO, learn to eat alone and be comfortable without reading a book- it’s definitely a good life skill to learn to be comfortable on your own.

7. Last but not least, trust your gut. If something’s not right, it probably isn’t. It’s always worth it to play it safe than sorry!

Solo traveling is an amazing opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, learn about yourself, and meet some cool people along the way. I wouldn’t have been able to see the beautiful places in these pictures without solo traveling.

So women of the world, don’t let your gender keep you from experiencing everything life has to offer. Grab your ticket, passport, and backpack and get traveling!



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  1. heknowsmyid says:

    I’ve been a bit apprehensive about solo traveling, but by reading a bunch of blogs from other solo female travelers I am feeling pretty inspired and am realizing that it’s not something crazy or inherently dangerous!


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